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"The process, content and technology that empowers sales teams to sell effectively at a higher velocity. The inbound sales methodology aligns the salesperson and the buyer to create a more helpful sales process" - Dan Tyre, HubSpot 

Some questions you may be asking yourself as a sales manager
  • How do you feel about your current CRM?
  •  Do you feel like opportunities are slipping through the cracks?
  • Do you feel like your team could be more productive and you want to automate more of the 'busy work'?
  • Do you have good insights in what is working and what isn't today?
  • Do you have a way to easily track and measure the strength of your pipeline?
  • You team might be good at 'closing' but do they have a hard time connecting with the right people?
  • Do your reps have an easy way to view a priority list of leads?
  • When do your salespeople call your prospects for maximum effect?
  • Do you have access to lead intelligence on your opportunities?
  • How much time does your sales team spend on manual input & creating your own content, proposals, templates?
Sales managers and sales teams often need different levels of support. Whitehat have identified four areas where we can positively impact the sales process: Organise, Optimise, Align and Transform.

1: Sales Organise

We often work with sales leaders whose teams are performing well but they lack the visibility and repeatability into their sales process. Sometimes their sales teams haven't fully adopted the CRM, maybe they keep forecasts, notes and deals outside of it. 
It can be a scramble to put sales forecasts together and difficult to know where the pipeline could be improved. It can also lead to some inconsistent performance among reps. Does any of these sound familiar in your organisation?

2: Sales Optimise

We often work with sales leaders whose teams are performing, yet they feel like their reps are not always using their time well and could be more productive. In fact, industry stats say that an average rep spends 66% of their day on things other than being in front of prospects. They are getting bogged down in things like emails, creating presentations, chasing down prospects for meetings when they should be talking with prospects. Does this sound familiar?

3: Sales Align

Where marketing and sales are not always on the same page. There are typically opportunities for marketing to generate better leads for sales, and for sales to better follow up on leads from marketing.

4: Sales Transformation

Where the way they are selling hasn’t caught up to new ways that their buyers are buying. Oftentimes their strategy, playbooks, or sometimes even sales talent needs some updating, in small or large part.

For the sales executive

  1. You want to know how sales services can help your reps sell better & faster
  2. You are interested in:
    1. Visibility / reporting
    2. Repeatability
    3. Organisational impacts and benefits
  3. You are more interested in a strategic approach to selling (goals, plans, challenges & timing)

For the sales rep

Some questions you may be asking:

  • How do you feel about the CRM that you use today?
  • How do you prioritise your leads and your opportunities?
  • When do you call yor leads for maximum effect?
  • Do you ever get caught in an endless email exchange, just to set up a meeting with a prospect?
  • Do you have access to lead intelligence on your opportunities?
  • Do you feel like you could be more productive if you could automate some of the administration work?
  • How much time do you spend on manual input and creating your own content, proposals and templates?
  • How are you reminded to follow up with a sales contact, when needed?
  • Are you able to tell which marketing sources and campaigns are most effective based on close rates?
  • Are you able to easily and accurately forecast your pipeline for the coming month, quarter and year?
  1. You want to know how sales services can help you sell better and faster
  2. You are interested in how it can help you hit your numbers today

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The Buyers Journey



The buyer starts to identify the problem or goal that they want to pursue. They also set priorities.


Buyers now have a clear idea of their goals or the problem that they are facing. They have also made a decision to research and evaluate different solutions.


The buyer have made a broach choice about how they will address the problem or goal that they face. They now need to choice one from many different options available to them,


Plimpton Testimonial Image

Organise: "91% of companies over 10 employees use a CRM system. Yet 40% of sales reps still use spreadsheets or their inbox to store lead and customer data."

Source: Hubspot & BuyerZone

Optimise: "Sales people spend 66% of their time doing things other than talking to prospects."

Source: Hubspot

Plimpton Testimonial Image

Align: "52% of marketers say they provide salespeople with their best quality leads, while salespeople rank marketing-sources leads last."

Source: Hubspot

Transform: "25% - Average annual turnover in sales staff."

Source: Harvard Business Review


Sales organise services

  • Audit & Review
  • General ongoing maintenance & training
  • CRM Services
    • CRM Setup
    • Custom Fields and View Creation
    • CRM Deal Stage Evaluation and Exit Criteria
    • Data Import & Cleansing
    • Custom CRM Integration
    • SFDC-HubSpot Integration
    • CRM Administration

Sales optimise services

  • Sales Enablement - Setup
    • Install HubSpot Sales for one sales rep
    • Set up meetings
    • Set up messages
    • Setup Calling
    • Setup workflows and automation
    • Set up messages round-robin rotation
    • Reporting Dashboard Setup 
  • Sales Enablement
    • Strategy Sales and Marketing Funnel Analysis
  • Sales Enablement - Reporting
    • Sequence effectiveness reporting
    • Email template reporting
    • Document effectiveness reporting
    • SQL Reporting to Sales Team
    • Lead Quality Reporting
    • SLA Reporting
  • Sales Enablement - Content Efficiency
    • Email Template Creation and Optimization
    • Sales document creation
    • Sequence Creation & Optmization
    • Build rep-specific landing page for prospects (w/ meetings)
    • Create customer case study
    • Create/ repurpose one trackable sales document
  • Sales Enablement
    • Efficiency Prospecting Support (Prospecting Tool)

Sales alignment services

  • Buyer persona development
  • Buyer profile development
  • Sales & marketing alignment workshop
  • MQL/ SQL definition
  • Lead scoring
  • Sales and marketing goal setting
  • SLA development
  • Lead hand-off procedure & feedback
  • Sales content assessment and recommendations
  • Create a sales & marketing content feedback channel
  • Report on sales & marketing content feedback channel

Sales transformation services

  • Sales Coaching Strategy
    • Inbound Sales Workshop
  • Sales Coaching
    • Sales rep coaching (one hour per rep)
    • Sales rep sales training (1:many)
    • Sales manager coaching (one hour per rep)
    • Sales VP/ Director coaching (one hour per rep)
    • General Sales Management Duties
    • SDR (Sales Development Rep) Services
  • Sales Coaching - Rep Lifecycle
    • Sourcing candidates
    • Interviewing & Hiring Salespeople
    • New hire onboarding
    • Exit Interviews
  • Other
    • Create lead engagement campaign

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