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Clwyd Probert 180 x 180
Clwd Probert - Childhood Pic 180 x 180

Clwyd Probert


Hi, I am Clwyd! I wanted to be a Marine Biologist, however I have turned out to be a CEO of Whitehat SEO.  I oversee the company and have extensive knowledge in Inbound Marketing, Sales, Marketing Automation, SEO and PPC.


My personality type is defined as an Architect which indicates that I am rational, informed, independent, determined, curious and versatile.  With all my personality traits and skills, I deliver high quality results and run a successful and outstanding company.

Manjit 180 x 180
Manjit Probert - Childhood Pic 180 x 180

Manjit Probert

Marketing Events Manager

Hi, I am Manjit!  I wanted to be a Nurse but I decided that although I am well equipped and skilled in this area I am better off as an exceptional Marketing Events Manager.  I love planning and organisation and thrive on relationship building with all people!


My personality type is defined as The Consul.  I am a cheerleader for building success. I do this by setting the tone, taking the spotlight and leading people to victory.  I am a strong believer in encouraging, uplifting and strengthening others by being practical, having a sense of duty, loyalty, being sensitive and warm and having great communication skills.

Mel Providence 180 x 180
Mel Providence - Baby Pic 180 x 180

Mel Providence

Client Account Manager

Hi, I am Mel! I wanted to be a Popstar! To be honest there is nothing poppy about me and most people would say that I am a star! But putting to two together just hasn’t worked out for me!  I am a Client Account Manager.  I work closely with our clients, manage their accounts, and ensure there is a smooth transition and work is carried out efficiently, timely and with great satisfaction on both sides!


My personality type is Protagonist. Full of passion and charisma and in my case full of energy! I take a great deal of pride and joy when working with others and this adds to my greatest strengths such as being tolerant, reliable, altruistic and a natural leader with a smile!

Dan Patino 180 x 180
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Dan Patino

Specialist - Inbound Marketing Strategist

Hi, I am Dan! I wanted to be a Marine Biologist! I have turned out to be an amazing Inbound Marketing specialist and implement strategies to drive and grow businesses successfully.


My personality type is an Architect. I am very capable and am known for non-stop analysis! I embrace my personality type because I know the results I bring to the team are very much appreciated and our clients love my approach to improving their strategies to becoming even more successful!

Luis 180 x 180
Luis - Childhood Pic 180 x 180

Luis Silva-Ball

Specialist - Inbound Marketing Strategist

Hi, I am Luis! Aspiring to be a Superhero in my life, I worked out that although this is my passion and I wanted to save the world, instead I decided to go for being a magnificent specialist of Inbound Marketing and implement strategies to drive and grow businesses successfully. Kind of similar to saving the world right?! Instead it is businesses I focus on!


My personality type is Debater.  I am bold and creative!  Being an independent thinker allows me to brainstorm ideas and think big for our clients.  I am original, a quick thinker, knowledgeable, charismatic and energetic which in turn excites our client with enthusiasm, flexibility and open to further business success opportunities.

Liz Hendry 180 x 180
Liz Hendry - Childhood Pic 180 x 180

Liz Hendry

Marketing Consultant

Hi, I am Liz!  I wanted to be a vet as I have a great love of animals, however I have aspired to be a great Marketing Consultant instead and specialise in the areas of Inbound Marketing. I have the love of helping businesses reach their goals in the most efficient way possible.


My personality type is known as Architect which makes me fabulous! I am rational and very quick-witted.  Additional to this, I love learning, overcoming challenges and strive to be an expert in all I do.  Determination, versatility and curiosity are some of the key strengths that I have and this is what makes me a great Marketing Consultant within Whitehat.

Rea May 180 x 180
Rea May - Childhood Pic 180 x 180

Rea May Fuentes

Project Support

Hi, I am Rea!  As a young child, I wanted to be a doctor and enjoyed dissecting frogs as well as reading medical encyclopedias that came in my direction!   I provide Project Support for Whitehat and take on data enrichment tasks, Hubspot management and working with clients.


My personality type is a Defender.  This makes me unique, kind and humble.  My analytical abilities and well-developed people skills contribute to other strengths such as being supportive, reliable, patient, imaginative, observant, hardworking, loyal, enthusiastic and overall I have great practical skills and this is why Whitehat love me!

Andrew McAvinchey 180 x 180
Andrew McAvinchey - Childhood Pic 180 x 180

Andrew McAvinchey

Specialist - Enterprise Sales

Hi, I am Andrew! Some would say I have an energetic and bubbly character which makes sense because I always wanted to be in the Muppet Show! What a character I would be?!  I am a specialist in Enterprise Sales and my love of speaking to people is demonstrated every day!  I am passionate about systems and utilising processes to ensure that sales teams drive business successfully for our clients. 


My personality type is a mediator.  I am known for my authenticity, empathy and bringing harmony to my projects. I am loyal, open-minded and creative and this in turn makes my role as Enterprise  Sales fulfilling and enjoyable.  I love being a part of Whitehat and working in a great team! 

Tamara Downer 180 x180
Tamara Downer - Childhood Pic 180 x 180

Tamara Downer

Content Writer

Hi, I am Tamara! With so many dreams and aspirations for myself, I wanted to be a Singer or Beautician as a starting point. I always changed my mind.  Spoilt for choice clearly!  I fulfilled the singing for a while but the Beautician dream lead me to being creative and artistic.  I am a Content Writer for Whitehat and am passionate, enthusiastic and love to inspire others through my material.


My personality type is a Protagonist and it fits me well.  I am charismatic, reliable, tolerant and altruistic.  I have always strived to do good in the world and have a natural confidence that makes me want to help others through motivation, authenticity, and words of positivity.

Flavilla Fongang 180 x 180
Flavilla Fongang - Childhood Pic 180 x 180

Flavilla Fongang

Branding Consultant

Hi, I am Flavilla! When I was younger I wanted to be a dancer! The career path I have chosen is a Branding Consultant! I suppose the public speaking, presenting and colours all blend into my speciality because as you can imagine performing is my forte!  I am a fundamental part of the team and help clients think deeply into their company’s why and reputational perception.


My personality type is a protagonist and therefore being reliable, altruistic, charismatic and a natural born leader helps me connect well with whom I work with.  Building relationships and having strong interpersonal skills is what makes me fabulous and a great team player of Whitehat!

Anthony Pinnick - 180 x 180
Anthony Pinnick - Childhood Pic 180 x 180

Anthony Pinnick

Content Writer

Hi, I’m Anthony! At 7 or 8 I wanted to be a footballer or a pilot. Instead, I’ve pursued my love of writing and am a Content Writer for Whitehat. I love providing authoritative copy and engaging material for our wonderful clients.


My personality type is Mediator: creative, thoughtful, open-minded, passionate, and loyal to my values. This makes my work memorable and means I’m a great team player within Whitehat.

Peter Vogel 180x180
Peter Vogel - Childhood Pic 180 x 180

Peter Vogel

SEO Consultant

Hi, I am Peter! Being a Ranger is what I wanted to be growing up and I would still love to be one at some point! I am an SEO consultant and specialise in optimising websites to achieve higher search rankings for clients and their businesses!


My personality type is an Assertive Protagonist! Everything I do within this role has a ripple and positive effect on our clients SEO.  I am a natural born leader and am full of passion, therefore my perseverance to achieve the best results for our clients is at the forefront of everything I do!

Who we are

We are an inbound marketing agency that delivers services based on a strong ROI / analytics model and a transparent delivery system. We are a Platinum Level HubSpot agency that is respected in the industry and are trusted by our clients to deliver our promises.  We run the world’s largest HubSpot User Group – The London HUG.

With a great team, you can expect exceptional customer service, good communication and commitment. Our fundamental strategy is to relentlessly “work” the systems of the business to perfection for ourselves and our clients.

Our Brand Values

These are our core brand values. They are the beliefs that we, as a company, stand for. They serve as the compass that guides our brand story, actions, behaviours, and decision-making process.


Help first

At Whitehat we strive consistently to add value. We work collaboratively with those we come into contact with and aim to work as a team to deliver the best and most achievable results. 

Whitehat is known for exceeding expectations with efficiency and a smile.


Do what you say

Whitehat are passionate about commitment and are always keen to deliver to our clients a high standard of work.  We are open and will advise ahead of time any obstacles that are being faced.  We prioritise our responsibility, values and focus with our projects and therefore you will not be left in the unknown.  Communication is one of top skills.


Humbly confident

We invest in business, technical training and personal development and we aim to gain additional knowledge daily and by talking to our clients.  We are always learning, listening and understanding their aspirations which allows us to build confidence in what we are doing. 

At Whitehat, you will come across openness and honesty at all times. We are firm believers that being humbly confident brings an extra level of uniqueness to building our relationships aiming to maximise ourselves and others.


Do the right thing

Working to high ethical standards is what we know best! Being highly committed and providing positivity in our tasks is a top priority.  We are not over-ambitious with our commitment, we will always do the right thing and ensure that quality and preparation is at the forefront of all of our projects.  As we deliver an exceptional standard of work, we are not afraid to identify clients, suppliers and partners that may not be a good fit as we put first a level of expectation that not all people are open to. 

So, as an organisation, we will always make an informed decision to ensure we will do the right thing at all times.

Why we exist

Whitehat are a passionate team of experienced and skilled people who strive to inspire and support companies to achieve success and reach their full potential.  We do this with enthusiasm, professionalism and a smile.

Our Partners & Associations

Over the last ten years, we have helped hundreds of companies grow their organic traffic and revenue. We operate a little bit differently than the other agencies out there. 

Driven by technology: Our entire suite of services is built on a proprietary tech stack. This means that we do less work than other agencies to generate the same data analysis tasks. So you are not paying for us to mess around in spreadsheets all day - you pay for us to solve real-world business problems.

Our project management system is transparent and collaborative. You get full access to everything that we are working on and everything that we have done in real-time.

Our partnerships reflect the same approach. We work with the best from around the world to deliver best-of-breed services for our clients.

Digifianz Logo 1-1

Delivery Partner

Whitehat's primary delivery partner - Digifianz is a growth-focused Inbound Marketing & Sales agency that specializes in Lead Generation and Client Acquisition for companies in the UK, US, Spain and Latin America. They are a HubSpot Platinum level partner with a team of over 30 employees.


Technology Partner

Whitehat is a Platinum-level HubSpot Solutions Partner. We have been working with HubSpot for over 6 years and run the London HUG which is the world's largest HubSpot User Group. 


Sales Partner

Mount Arbor is a certified CRM Implementation and Training Partner for HubSpot Inbound Sales Software, CRM, lead generation, customer acquisition & growth. They bring enterprise-level sales & CRM implementation experience.

Branding Partner

Branding Partner

3 Colours Rule’s passion is to grow companies by improving their brand value, positioning, credibility, and awareness.

Their expertise is in consumer purchasing behaviour (neurobranding, neurodesign and neuromarketing). They develop loved brands that connect to the heart and minds of people. 

Twenty Three-1

Technology Partner - Video

TwentyThree empowers marketing teams to integrate and successfully run video on their website, across all channels, with webinars, and track video data.


Technology Partner - Video

Vidyard - Online Video Hosting for Business. Video CreationRecord your screen, webcam, or both. Video HostingGet your business videos online, fast. Video PersonalizationUnique experiences for every viewer.

Where you can find us

Our HQ and core team are based in London. However, we hire our team (and form partnerships) based on skills and not location. This allows us to staff the best people in our talent pool and we don't have to cover a ridiculous overhead and charge crazy rates just to cover our office rent. We are fully remote and would not have it any other way.

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