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Local Business Marketing SEO (Local Buzz)

Whether you operate a brick-and-mortar store or a purely online retail business, you stand to lose out on a massive chunk of prospective custom if your inbound marketing strategy does not include local optimisation.

Local marketing is not rocket science. If you offer plumbing services in the London area, there’s little point in hitting the top of search engine rankings in Glasgow. A potential customer in Hammersmith is going to tap into Google on his smartphone, ‘plumbers in the Hammersmith area.’ Can that prospect find you? With competition in all areas of business on the increase, getting your presence out to your local area is of paramount importance.

Get Local SEO with Whitehat's Local Buzz

Whitehat SEO is a London based inbound marketing agency that appreciates that the vast majority of our small to medium business clients are locally based and rely heavily on local consumers for survival. With this in mind, we optimise clients’ sites across a range of different platforms to ensure we keep them at the top of local search listings.

Using platforms such as Google My Business, and Bing’s Place for Business, we give your company a presence on maps and local listings whenever anyone seeks your products in your area.

It doesn’t end there, however. Consumers these days also look on Google, Bing Local, Facebook Places, and local review sites for company reviews before committing. Using a range of analytical tools available to us,Whitehat SEO is able to track the origin of an enquiry and maximise your brand presence to ensure your business is at the forefront of where local consumers look for local businesses.


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"Testimonials are an important tool for prospects to read.  You can talk about your product all day, but what really strikes a chord with your clients is hearing what other people think of you."

Bethany Miller, Founder Bluth Co.

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"If you don't have anyone you can interview at this point, then utilize the quotes from your staff about why they love being a part of your team, or what your founders have to say about the path of the company."

Kyle Harrison, Partner Bluth Co.

What to expect from Whitehat's Local Buzz Optimisation

With the massive swing to smartphone use for service enquiries, transportation services, restaurants, take-away food, emergency plumbers and builders, and a plethora of others, Whitehat have spread their Local Buzz across the board.

You can expect:

  • Site optimisation across the range of your devices
  • Site optimisation and updates, fresh content and top SEO
  • Site optimisation for local directories, reviews, and promotion
  • Local site optimisation across a range of social media platforms
  • Local events promotion
  • Analytical tracking across all your devices

Digital marketing continues to increase in relevance and complexity. Inbound marketing is taking over from outbound. Marketing is also now becoming more targeted. Businesses with fully optimised sites can expect a good return on their investment.

According to the latest internet survey, two areas of digital marketing rank well above all others.

• Optimisation for mobile devices

• Optimisation for Local Buzz

Get your business to where the locals can see it. If you want to improve your return on investment, then call us today and join in the local buzz.

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