Incorporating Videos as Part of your HubSpot Content

Adding videos to your online content not only offer aesthetics and visuals to your website. It can also increase engagement with website visitors. Here are some pointers when adding videos to your content:

Videos uploading limit

On the file manager tool in your client's HubSpot portal and for files that are uploaded, there is no size limit for files uploaded to the files tool, except for video files. This documentation here explains all the different file types supported by HubSpot.

hubspot file detailsThe recommended video file size you can upload is 1GB. HubSpot told us that if a video file is 1GB or more, you may experience an issue with uploading the file. Also, there is currently a limit on the maximum number of videos that can be uploaded on the client’s HubSpot portal as the files are hosted on the HubSpot’s CDN.


File manager limits on video hosting & management

This limit is set on the HubSpot platform where customers can host and manage video files up to 250 videos on the HubSpot marketing/service/DMS professional and enterprise subscription (more information in the service documentation here). Even if the Vidyard subscription is upgraded, this will not increase the 250 video limit in HubSpot.


Tracking of videos

In terms of the Vidyard video integration, there are two different Vidyard subscription types

  1. HubSpot Video is powered by Vidyard (files uploaded in the HubSpot file manager); and,
  2. The above is independent of the Vidyard for the client’s HubSpot integration, which is a separate paid feature for Vidyard customers.

Note that videos from your Vidyard account will not appear in your HubSpot file manager tool.


Vidyard and HubSpot integration

This documentatiovidyard + hubspotn here talks about how Vidyard and HubSpot integration works.


Adding videos on HubSpot

This documentation here goes into greater detail of the functionalities of the HubSpot video functionality.