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How do I create a landing page?

A guide through the process of creating the perfect Landing Page for your offer using Hubspot Landing Page Tool


1. Go to "Marketing" section, then "Website" and click on "Landing Page"


2. Click create a landing page and you’ll be dropped in the landing page tool. First, pick a template for your landing page, then create the page.


3. In your landing page, choose a page title that will appear in the browser title’s search results. Even though this title will not actually appear on your webpage, it will be important for your page’s SEO.

4. Choose the campaign title from the drop-down on the options tab


5. Next think about the header of your landing page. The header should include the title of your offer and what the visitor will receive. For example, if you are giving your audience a free ebook about mobile marketing, your header should read “Free Ebook: Mobile Marketing.” If you want, you can also include a sub-header that will give your visitor more information about the offer. The sub-header should really explain the value of the offer and what the reader will gain by reading the offer.


6. Using HubSpot you can preview the landing page by clicking on the "Eye" button on the top left and selecting the device type preview. In fact, you can view how your page will look on different devices: PC, mobile devices or tablets.

7. The next section of your landing page is the place they should get that. Explain the value of your offer in 1-3 short paragraphs that will include the benefit the visitor will receive from downloading the file.

8. Next to that text include an image you want to showcase your offer. That could be the cover of an ebook, a quote and headshot of the author or speaker if it’s a webinar, or other visuals that you think give the visitor a better idea about the offer.


That's it! You have just created your perfect Landing Page!

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