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How do I create a perfect call-to-action?

CTAs (aka calls-to-action) are the most forceful way to guide your prospects through the buyer's journey. Here is how to build them on HubSpot.


Each time prospects open an email you sent to them or hang around your website, this is a wonderful opportunity to guide them through the next step of their customer's journey or to collect a new piece of information about them.

Perhaps people are on your website because they want to talk to a sales rep, or to subscribe to your blog, or to download an eBook, or to buy your products, etc. There is one method to entice people do what you want them to do and get the conversion process started: put a clear, powerful call-to-action (a button that promotes something and that links to a landing page).


Best practices for a perfect CTA.

  • Make it action-oriented. People don't have time to think a lot about what they have to do next, you should tell them clearly (i.e. "Download the eBook", "Buy it now" etc.).
  • Keep your message brief.
  • Explain what's your offer is about, including keywords (i.e. don't write just "Download it", better "Download the SEO guide").
  • Create it attention-grabbing, with a copy that compels visitors to click. You can run A/B tests in order to understand which colour or what text your prospect prefers.
  • Use strong and appropriate on-page placement, for example on the first fold of your website. There isn't a fixed place to insert your call-to-action, but it should be in harmony with the rest of the page.
  • Analyse the results of the CTA, paying attention especially to the click-through rate and to the click-to-submissions goal.

How to create a CTA on HubSpot.

If you're using HubSpot, it is very simple to build an efficient CTA. Here is the procedure, step by step.

1. Enter the platform and click "Marketing" -> "Lead Capture" -> "CTAs" on the top bar.


2. Click on "Create CTA".


3. Type the text of the call-to-action, choose a colour for the button and go ahead.


4. Choose an internal name (it will be not visible by the users), link it to a landing page, select the campaign in which your CTA must be and save.


5. Now that your CTA exists, you can run A/B test or a MVT, insert the call-to-action into your website and view the insights.


That's it! You have just created your perfect call to action!

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