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How do I build an inbound marketing team?

Having a well defined team for content creation and inbound marketing is the key of your success. Let's read how to build this squad!


Marketing is an aged practice who have given a lot of work to a ton of people in every corner of the world, so what? Now the state of things is different and hiring an old-stile marketer is not enough: you need an inbound marketing team.

Probably you just have a marketing department, so the first thing to do is thinking about the skills your team owns today and identify any gaps. How to know which kind of competences your employees require to embrace? This is a list you should check out:

  • Writing. Marketing (especially the inbound one) is all about content, so writing is an essential skill for a good marketer. Think about it: your website is full of written text, your blog publishes long-form articles, your nurturing campaigns need a clear and effective copy, as well as social media ones.
  • Web design. Design can really be the factor that allows your content to stand out. Thanks to a web designer, you can create branded charts, infographics and pictures.
  • Web development. Probably you don't necessitate a developer each day of the week, but he/she will come in handy when you need to integrate business systems, create tailored web design or build custom functionality.
  • Data analysis. Marketing has changed a lot in the last few years and now it's all about data. Presently marketers have to manage metrics, stats, forecasts, dashboards and so on. It's essential to hire somebody who has the skill to handle data in a proper way.
  • Inbound strategy. Inbound is a human way to conceive marketing: it's caring about customers, it's helping them. In order to work well, inbound needs to be though in details: strategists should have a good understanding of the target audience and industry competitors, so they can generate well informed strategies, refine tactics, and generate new ideas.
  • Software expertise. You have 2 chances in front of you to manage your marketing and sales workflows: using an external software (i.e. HubSpot) or patenting your branded one. If you think the second path is the best for your company, you need a software-savvy person.
  • Project management. A project manager can give a pivotal contribution to your marketing strategy. With so many moving pieces involved, you must work with someone who is in charge of keeping projects on time, on budget etc.


What move should I do first?

First of all, you ought to change your mind about the marketing funnel: stop focusing only on the bottom and start appreciating the importance of the top (aka the attract stage in the inbound methodology). So if you can't afford to take on more than 1 employee at a time, build your "attract" team first.

Nevertheless, sometimes the right solution is not to recruit someone, but to outsource your marketing campaign to an external agency. This decision really all comes down to one thing: return on investment (ROI). If hiring is too much expensive, let's call a professional agency.

That's all! Now you can create an effective inbound marketing team!

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