How do I add a user to my Google Search Console account?

Share a User’s access to your Google Search Console Account without giving them your login details!

Search Console is an essential part of any SEO’s toolkit. It provides actionable reports and constantly gives health check reminder to your website.

Search Console Access

Follow these step-by-step guide to grant someone access to your Google Search Console

1. Login to your Search Console Account

2. You will be presented with a list of all the websites that you have verified.

3. To share access to a website, simply click on the ‘Manage Property’ button

Manage Property section of Google Search Console-1

4. You will be shown a list of Users and Property Owners with their designated permission level on the website.

adding users to search console

5. Click on the ‘Add a New User’ button shown on the screenshot above and add the email address of the user with a FULL access permission.

Adding user with full permission

Table below will show you the access permission you gave to a user with a Full or Restricted role.

account roles permission summary in Search Console

That's it! You have just given a user a shared access to your Search Console Account.

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