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With a reach of over 1 billion users, Instagram is a key channel in any digital marketing campaign.

Why Is Instagram Important

It currently has better engagement rates than any other social platform. Forty-three times more, in fact.  It is currently one of the most important social networks. But...

Instagram growth is time-consuming. This is why many people these days opt for Instagram growth services and tools to grow their Instagram for them. 

What is Instagram automation

Automation for Instagram involves the same normal actions that you do as a regular Instagram user. For example:

  • As a normal Instagram user, you might follow two or three people each day. Like four or five posts, send a couple of direct messages and view twenty or so stories
  • With automation, this can scale up to over 20x so that over 1,000 actions are done each day. All in a way that is natural and organic
  • We have teamed up with the Instagram experts at The Nature Boys - their robots do the work, leaving you more time to concentrate on the content and storytelling.

Why is this good for my marketing?

Social media networks are built around the idea that interaction is rewarded with attention. This makes other people interact more and this grows the network.

So automation scales-up the benefits.

If executed effectively, with high standards of targeting, this can allow you to build an organic, active audience which is made up of the very people who will become your future customers.

Our partnership with The Nature Boys

The NatureBoys are experts at growing traffic on your Instagram account and they have a fantasic technology platform to automate the process.

Whitehat has partnered up and can offer a discount to their regular service. They have a 'Growth Plugin Package' that is highly effective.

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Growth Plugin Package


 Discounted from RRP of £149


Your own personal growth hacker

An hour-long introductory video call

Access to the private Nature Boys Facebook group

Access to our private Nature Boys Instagram account

Regular check-in on your account

Personalised feedback

Continuous support

Add Engagement Pod

£ 18 / month

Discounted from RRP £20


400 different real people automatically come and like your most recent post up to 3 times a day!

get your post is shown to 10X the number

Add Manual Commenting

£39 / month

Discounted FROM RRP £49


custom personalised and human comments to your followers and target accounts.

210 comments per month

Each comment is natural

Higher engagement levels available - on request


We continue to learn at a faster and faster rate. 

We're particularly focused on creating audiences that really convert and transform our client's businesses all through taking a tailored human approach to automation.


Client accounts and 150+ accounts on our own network


Organic follower growth per month, on average


In our network and growing at a rate of 100k per month

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