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Educate, Inspire, Network & Have Fun

This is what a HUG is all about!
The HubSpot User Group in London (the London HUG) is run and managed by Whitehat, a London Inbound Marketing Agency and HubSpot Platinum Partner
Yet, without you, the London HUG would not exist.  So a huge thank you to each and every one of you who attends, spreads the word and contributes.
Growth is the ultimate goal and together we learn a smarter way of doing business.
The aim of these regular events is for HubSpot users and others interested in inbound marketing and inbound sales to get together and share knowledge and experience.
Plus have some fun whilst building an impactful network.



  • Existing Hubspot users (free or paid)
  • Marketing and Sales executives who are considering Hubspot or wanting to learn more about Inbound Marketing
  • Hubspot partner agencies who have their head offices within London
  • Business owners who want to learn more about Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales

HUGs are for anybody who wants to learn, grow and take their business to the next level.

You can find the next event and book a free place click here.

If you don't know much about HubSpot yet and want to learn more, watch the videos.


Connect With Others

Digital networks are all well and good but sometimes it really helps to be able to meetup and chat.

Meet some of the most senior marketing managers in London. Learn what is working for them. Connect with potential partners, clients and suppliers.


Learn Best Practice

Always be learning.

Each meeting will feature a key presentation on a topic from an expert. Experts will be flow over from Hubspot HQ or brought in from one of the Hubspot partner agencies in London.



Use the user group as a way of contributing back to the community. Either through 1:1 talks with fellow attendees, presentations to the group or blog posts on the shared website.

The more you give, the more you get.

"People shop and learn in a whole new way compared to just a few years ago, so marketers need to adapt or risk extinction."


Source: Brian Halligan, CEO & Co-Founder, HubSpot

"Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads into the marketing funnel than traditional outbound leads."


Source: Hubspot


Coming soon: SEO Backlinking Strategy

SEO Backlinking Strategy: How to build a strategy that works


Is backlinking dead in 2022?


Google use 200+ ranking factors within its algorithms. Just to let you know backlinking is still very much one of them!


But it’s not a numbers game, it’s about the quality and relevance of each link you have.


Create an SEO backlinking strategy for:

  • Effective use of backlinks
  • Relevancy to a user's query.
  • Authoritative links from multiple sources
  • Plus, more!


Backlinks are an area people either proceed with caution or they don’t!


Nonetheless, they’re an important part of your SEO strategy.


Two essential things your backlinks must be:

  • Relevant
  • Authoritative


It either makes you cringe, want to hide, or you love doing it, but you must be careful how you do it


So why are backlinks important to SEO?

  • they are used as a ranking factor in search engines.
  • they are seen as a vote of confidence from one site to another.


Google use this information to validate relevance and can have a positive impact on your site ranking position and visibility.


So why can backlinking be so tricky?


Well, there are a few things you need to know about backlinks, plus when and how to use them honestly and for great advantage.

  • There are good link and bad links. Unfortunately, not all links are equal
  • Use Whitehat SEO link building techniques
  • No follow link won’t attribute to your rankings
  • Natural links are the best


This is all well and good but what you really want to know is ‘how do I get links from those high authority websites?’


Join us to find out:

  • The total benefits of an SEO Backlinking Strategy
  • How your website will benefit from effective use of inbound/outbound links
  • How to acquire good links from high authority websites
  • Exploring multiple sources to expand your backlinking strategy


Don’t give up on backlinking, a simple strategy change will get you the recognition your website deserves.


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January 25th 2022


Operations Hub Implementation:


Operational efficiency is the key to sustainable growth.

That's why HubSpot recently launched its 5th (and newest!) hub, Operations Hub.

Packed with new features, it includes deeper integrations, more flexible workflow automation, supercharged reporting, and more.

In this session, you'll get the full scoop on HubSpot's newest product line directly from the source


As your business grows, so can your problems.


Processes are built, departments and employees can feel isolated, data becomes soiled, and efficiency begins to break down.


In the long run, it feels all your efforts seem to be in vain.


But what if there was a simple solution?


What if there was a solution for your business that could:


• eliminate data silos

• provide greater connection of departments/employees to an automated process

• allow you to have cleaner & synced data

• improve overall operation efficiency


If this sounds like a bit of what you fancy, then Operations Hub is your solution!


Get the full scoop on HubSpot's newest product line directly from the source — HubSpot product lead Nick Carbone

Operation Hub allows you to automate operations and streamline your processes for your business to become more efficient. Allowing you to concentrate on your business strategy and scale with ease.


Supercharge your HubSpot CRM platform with:

• improved integrations

• robust data quality tools

• flexible automation


Sounds good, doesn’t it? But how does it work?


Join us to find out the total benefits of Operations Hub and how your business will benefit from:

• Data sync

• Data quality automation

• Programable automation

• App integration


Unite your team through one single source of truth and allow them to work proactively and deliver the best possible customer experience.


Enjoy, and don't forget to join us for the next HUG!

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Video recordings

HUG Icon 25.01.22.NS

London HUG January 2022: Nick Carbone

November 30th 2021


Keyword Research:

How to find the right words and what tools to use

Keyword research can be overwhelming!

But finding the right keywords can unlock organic traffic for your website

Join us to find out how to:
• Find the right keywords
• Use free and paid SEO tools
• Understand and analyse search intent
• Compare and prioritise keyword opportunities


As the complexity of language itself, understanding the language your target customers use can be bewildering!


So how do you work out what language they’re speaking?


Effective keyword research


Targeted keyword research can help to cut through the confusion and unlock opportunities for your website.


Keyword research is pivotal to all your marketing efforts.


Getting it right helps:

• Drive traffic

• Increase sales

• Greater ROI


Knowing your keywords also helps you to better understand your business and brand.


Whether you’re providing information, product, or service, finding the right keywords will enable you to:

• Know which keywords to rank for

• Discover popular keywords and phrases frequently searched for

• Complete competitor analysis

• Where and how to use your findings


Join us to find out how to complete effective keyword research using a range of free and paid tools.


Get to know your customers intent and give them what they want rather than guessing


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SEO Global HUG November 2021: Amanda Kopen

Octoberber 26th 2021

Marketing Automation for Growth


The world of automation is to make things easier, so why can it seem so hard?

See how you can effectively use HubSpot tools and software to automate actions, campaigns, and activities throughout an entire buyer's journey.

Increase your chances of generating leads, new sales and an improved result in your marketing ROI.


Timing is everything!


So, with HubSpot automation tools and software, you can make sure you get it right every time.


Automation can be used for both your customers and teams.


Marketing automation ensures correct steps are taken, beneficial information is delivered, and exact actions are completed.


Whether it be:

• inbound marketing/ sales process

• email marketing

• social media marketing

• sales/customer service literature


You can use marketing automation to grow your team processes, customer retention and satisfaction.


This London HUG will help you use marketing automation and:

• know your processes

• know your customer

• have a defined strategy

• create required materials

• everyone in the loop

• test it!


Find out how to use HubSpot marketing automation features and integrations.


Plus, a workshop on how to create a workflow to increase productivity and scalability.


Working smarter is better than working harder, so watch today!

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London HUG Oct 2021: Clwyd Probert

September 23rd 2021

Topic Clusters And Simple SEO Success


Topic clusters are a great way to create content with higher quality and engagement.

Topic cluster groups are also really helpful when it comes to SEO, but what's the best way to go about creating them?

Watch to find out:

• What topic clusters are
• How to create a topic cluster content strategy and
• Steps to map out your first successful topic cluster


There's no doubt that SEO can be tricky and time-consuming.


So we're always on the lookout for ways in which to work smarter and not harder!


Topic clusters can be thought of as "mini-collections" of related content pieces, meaning that they are an efficient way to help organize and categorize your content.


Why is this so important?


Well, the way in which we search has changed, and this has made a huge impact on the way in which search engines present content.


So topic cluster groups are extremely helpful when it comes to SEO. Having a central topic with many related subtopics surrounding it to support the main theme.

Helping provide users and customers with relevant content on your site faster than if you just list them individually.


This creates a helpful and positive user experience with the content provided converting visitors into leads.


Mastering topic clusters allows you to:

• Save time

• Easier content/topic management

• Provide what your visitors want

• Create/repurpose and optimise engaging content


Join us to see what topic clusters can do for you, your site and most importantly visitor engagement.

Video recordings

23.09.21 icon

SEO HUG Sept 2021: Clwyd Probert

September 21st 2021

The Role of Video Marketing in B2B: Are you video ready?


Video content is HUGE right now!

Whether it be social media snippets, vlogs, live videos or customer testimonials, we can't seem to get enough of the stuff.

Video content is quick, appealing and digestible.

Woo your audience and retain their attention by learning the ways of integrating video into your inbound marketing strategy and delivering webinars.

In 2018 HubSpot recorded 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support.

So, let's not disappoint our consumers and learn all there is in using video as a key element of our marketing strategy.

The problem with video is that it can be scary to start, you’re forever critiquing, erasing and rerecording.

If you do ever put a video up, you don’t know what works or how to get the best out of it.

Then video becomes this awkward, random act of marketing!

So what do we do?


Purpose - Conversion - Integration

Casper at TwentyThree TM believes you need to know where you are to know exactly where you’re going.


He will walk us through how to be video ready by:

  • Finding your baseline
  • Setting KPIs & goals
  • Testing & optimising
  • Collecting data


Through this you will know:

  • Purpose- What you’re doing it for
  • Convert- content that will be able to engage, build and convert leads
  • Integrate- can it be integrated successfully into your CMR to be seen, accessed and analysed by others in the team


Learn how to connect video using HubSpot Media Bridge, with TwentyThree TM and other launch providers.

Collect analytic data and have better video ROI attribution.

Video marketing is getting bigger, are you video ready?

Video recordings

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London HUG Sept 2021: Clwyd Probert

August 31st 2021

'CMS Hub Starter: How to get started'



Online presence has always been necessary.

Yet in the past couple of years with the effects of the pandemic, more businesses realise they need to have a prevailing digital presence to ensure survival.

Like most things, this can be easier said than done.

With all the CMS information out there, how do you cut through the garbage to get what you need and without breaking the bank?

You’ve guessed it, CMS Hub Starter!

HubSpot is aggressive about transforming the world of web design and wanted to bring something that’s easy to get started.

With this CMS HUG, the HubSpot team will share their expertise to get you started and get up and running to generate business.


Whether you’re starting out or want an additional site. CMS Hub Starter is a great fit if you want something that’s:

  • Fast, reliable and secure.
  • Able to remove gatekeepers or bottlenecks
  • Got all the necessary tools for you and your developer to build a remarkable website.
  • Cuts through the hassle of holding all your technology platforms together
  • Has unified customer data in one place with the all-in-one CRM platform.


CMS Hub Starter is:

  • An easy start and entry point and delivers a fast, secure, reliable website.
  • Jam-packed with features and HubSpot’s premium hosting is included.
  • is something you can easily use and build upon for a small fee per month and a little more to include the starter growth suite.
  • A way to suffice all your business needs, yet you have the beauty of being able to grow and upgrade to professional or enterprise over time.


HubSpot CMS Hub Starter is seriously a game-changer!

If you thought possibilities were endless before, this opens up a whole new world to generating business.

Join us to see how you can get going with speed and confidence using CMS Hub Starter

Video recordings

HUG 31.08.21 Icon C

London HUG June 2021: Clwyd Probert

June 22nd 2021

'SEO Audit: what to do and what not to do'


Do you want the best for your business? (of course, you do)


But also want to save precious time, money and energy? (I'm sure very much so)


Plus be one step (or more) ahead of the game? (that would be great for all)


Well, this is the HUG for you!


Find out how you can achieve all of this and more, with one in-depth process. 


Not only that but using this successful process will:


• Streamline your business effectively, saving both time and money.

• Increase targeted traffic with high-possibility conversion

• Use hyper-intense information to predict your own future and outcomes

• Produce outstanding UX results providing powerful personalised experiences


For continual success, you can use the process and simply: rinse, repeat, update, and investigate.


What will you get out of this?

After a HUG from us, you will walk away with:

• An understanding of how to effectively prepare to undertake an SEO audit

• SEO trends that are impactful

• Knowledge of tools and processes to get the job done

• A network of likeminded people


You can’t afford to miss it, an SEO audit is a game-changer. 

Video recordings


London HUG June 2021: Clwyd Probert

May 24th 2021

Social Media Trends 2021 and Hubspot Social Media Tools: Crystal King


During the pandemic, with everybody at home, social media growth has boomed.


So where does that leave social media for business? How do we best deliver, to serve this new social media awakening?


In this HUG we will discover from Crystal King, a HubSpot Academy Social Media Professor:


  • Social media trends 2021 (what’s going on)
  • Social media monitoring and management (using HubSpot social media analytic tools)
  • Social media publishing (HubSpot social media calendar and scheduling)
  • Reporting on your success (notable analytics on posts and social media campaigns)
  • BONUS: HubSpot social media certification (details how to be social media certified)

Read the full blog to get access to  HubSpot social media certification.

Video recordings


London HUG May 2021: Crystal King

December 10th 2019

Video recordings

crm that sales actually wants to use

John Elmer

4 Google AdWords Strategies For Companies On A Shoestring

Clwyd Probert

Implementing Sales & Marketing Strategies In Large Companies

Edwin Raymond

Resources: December 2017 HUG event

September 2019

BBD Boom | STC&C | Whitehat

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June 2019

HubSpot | HubDo | Vidyard

Get Slide Decks

Fireside Chat with Brian Halligan

Following an introduction from Whitehat CEO Clwyd Probert, sit down for an exclusive and intimate chat with HubSpot's own CEO and co-founder, Brian Halligan. Brian will discuss everything from putting your customers first, to growing a company by switching from a funnel to a flywheel model.

Peter Nicholls, Director HubDo

HubSpot's platform has a wide variety of native integrations that you can take advantage of to more seamlessly weave your business together. Hear from Peter Nicholls about how you can use PandaDoc to create, send, eSign, and track quotes, proposals and contracts all without leaving HubSpot CRM.

Tyler Lessard, VP Marketing Vidyard

Vidyard is an industry leader in video hosting and analytics - hear from CEO Michael Litt about how your business should be using video to enhance your current sales, marketing, and services efforts.


April 2019

HubSpot | Mount Arbor

Theme: Inbound Sales

Speaker: Diarmuid Walsh, Senior Sales Manager at HubSpot

Sales professional with experience working across a variety of industries mainly in the Enterprise Software and Financial Services industry sectors.

Speaker: Andrew McAvinchey, CEO of Mount Arbor

Title: How a Sales Flywheel Can Grow Your Business Predictably with Inbound Sales

Andrew McAvinchey Headshot

Your sales team probably aren't analysts - they appreciate mobile drag-and-drop sales processes, rather than confusing spreadsheets. Even the most disciplined sales teams fail to follow a sales process that doesn’t flow naturally into their daily routine. HubSpot Sales Hub and the Growth Suite offer a new way to unite your sales and marketing organisation so attribution, reporting, and data-driven sales actually work - but not before you discover a few hidden gems you'll need to deal with first.

Andrew is an Inbound Sales consultant with over 15 years of experience using innovation in marketing and digital sales to help Startups, Fortune 500 and SMEs to grow revenue.

A unique background in Science, Marketing, Creative Content and Sales has proved invaluable in working with emerging trends in customer-focused business. His clients have included Google, Vodafone, IBM Now Factory, Altify, Boxever, Glofox & Zutec Intl Ltd.


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