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High Quality, SEO Friendly Content

Many in-house marketing teams do not have the time or the skills to consistently create high quality, authority content for their site. It's a key factor in the success of an inbound project. 

At Whitehat we know how to create remarkable content that attracts buyers to your site. We are also experts at building SEO friendly content that attracts search engines such as Google.

In addition, all of our content plans come with a backlink service to build external backlinks to the content to build site authority. This is essential to drive search rankings.


A Content-Driven Marketing Strategy

Whitehat SEO are experts at creating effective content. You will work with our content and SEO strategist to plan your campaign. You will get:

  • A consultation with an inbound SEO & content expert
  • A consistent, repeatable process to build authority
  • A detailed SEO review before any work begins
  • Ability to review and request changes
  • Ongoing support from the content and SEO team
  • Fixed turnaround times so everyone understands expectations
  • Regular reviews and analysis

Increase the authority, trust, and ranking of your website

Effective SEO copywriting covers everything it takes to create authority content that people like to read, share and promote.

Engaging content increases your authority and trust on search engines and helps in increasing the ranking of your website for keywords in your niche.

"I am a HUGE Clwyd fan, although it took me a year to pronounce his name. Dan Tyre, Sales Director & Employee #4 at HubSpot

"Guidance is always very 'to-the-point', helping us set specific and measurable goals, providing brilliant resources, and always being available to answer questions. We're confident Whitehat will help us achieve substantial improvements around our SEO, inbound and overall marketing strategy - highly recommend." Anastasia Valti, Capdesk

What Else? Backlinks!

Great content is of no value unless it can be found. The majority of content is never returned by a Google search. That is why every content plan from Whitehat includes a backlink boosting service to make sure that your content is seen by Google and found by your prospects.

Get your content and your brand found online



SEO options

Select the SEO package that matches your business growth needs.





SEO keyword research

1x blog post (1,000 words) per month

Quarterly consultation call with a content strategist

CTA for each blog post

Backlinks (level 1)

* Onetime setup cost £500


£ 1,740


SEO keyword research

2 x blog posts (1,500 words) per month

Monthly consultation with content strategist

CTA for each blog post

Backlinks (level 2)

Comprehensive SEO Audit

1 x pillar page (2,000 words) per quarter

* Onetime setup cost £1,000




SEO keyword research

4 x blog posts (1,500 words) per month

Quarterly 1:1 consultation

CTA for each blog post

Backlinks (level 3)

Comprehensive SEO Audit

1 x pillar page (2,000 words) per quarter

Quarterly onsite SEO review and fixes

* Onetime setup cost £1,000


Companies that implement the inbound methodology properly see amazing results.


Average ROI From Inbound


Reduction in Cost Per Lead


Increase In Leads From Companies that blog


Consumers Who Enjoy Reading Relevant Content

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