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Why Market Your Manufacturing Company Using Inbound?

Maybe you think that inbound marketing is not relevant to your industry? Many manufacturers say that it won't work for them. It does not matter if the manufacturer is large (selling multi-million-dollar pieces of equipment) or small (selling parts to OEMs).

But, in fact, if you look at the results, you will find that inbound works very well for all manufacturers (big and small) even industrial manufacturers.

Inbound works in many ways, here are some of the results that you can expect:

  • Increase visibility in online search, resulting in more visitors to the website traffic
  • Improved conversion rates for visitors into sales qualified leads
  • Increase in the number of quote requests through the website
  • More highly qualified prospects being handed over to the sales teams
  • Accurate and improved reporting. You can see what pieces of your marketing is working (accurate ROI)

Connect With New Prospects

The old way of marketing using trade shows, personal referrals and a large, direct sales force has a increasingly low ROI.

Inbound Marketing is helps to educate the prospect in the early stages of the sale journey, when they are doing their research.

Become The Industry Authority

Modern buyers need to be helped and educated before they are willing to connect or buy. Buyers look to a website for information as part of their buyer journey.

Your website needs to be able to educate and inform your prospects before they are ready to talk to the sales team.

More Sales Qualified Leads

You can leverage the power of marketing automation to nurture your leads. By providing the right information at the right time you can let the website take the strain of keeping in touch with your prospects.

Structured work-flows make sure that an important lead is never forgotten and never slips through the net.

Plimpton Testimonial Image

"93% of B2B decision makers use online search engines to make purchasing decisions"

Source: Hubspot

Plimpton Testimonial Image

"B2B prospects do 70% of their research about a product or service before ever reaching out to a potential vendor"

Source: Hubspot

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