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About Whitehat Inbound Marketing

Whitehat is an Inbound Marketing Agency based in London. We work with B2B companies within the pharmaceutical & life science, technology (hardware & software), manufacturing, charity and educational sectors. These companies tend to be located within the UK or continental Europe and have an average turnover of between £5M and £100M. Their sales cycle is often 6 months or more. They typically have an active direct sales team of at least 5 people but with little or no internal marketing capability.

We help them with lead generation, customer acquisition and client engagement to give them a competative advantage in their industries.

Why Call Whitehat?

Here are some of the reasons that companies reach out to our team:

  1. We help marketing managers who are frustrated that they have invested a lot of time and resource into their website but are disappointed that it is not producing results.
  2. We help companies who have spent a lot of time and money to provide high quality leads to their sales teams, but it often turns out that those leads may not be as good as they had hoped.
  3. We help business owners and senior executives  who are frustrated that they can't track the ROI of their marketing activities and are disappointed with their marketing results.

Our Founder

Clwyd Seo ExpertClwyd Probert, CEO and founder of the company, has many years of international experience in both the technological and marketing side of the industry. His academic backgroud is in the areas of biotech (molecular genetics) and computer science. Having been based in New York, and now London, he has worked in the competitive markets of hedge funds and investment banks. As an entrepreneur, he has built and developed several different companies.

In addition to his commitments to the Whitehat Inbound Agency, Clwyd is also heavily focused on delivering practical advice to businesses and entrepreneurs. He is a mentor to post graduate students and teaches marketing, as a guest lecturer, at UCL. 

In his spare time Clwyd is also a highly respected international photographer, working with his daughter (Serena Probert Photography) and supporting animal charities at home and abroad. As a patron of Hope4Apes, and The Battersea Cats and Dogs Home and The Born Free Foundation, he has worked alongside Brian May and Sir David Attenborough and Virgina McKenna.

You can book a conversation with Clwyd here:



Business Analytics

We are a Hubspot certified platinum partner. As the Hubspot User Group leader for London Whitehat is one of the most respected inbound marketing agencies. Our inbound marketing methodology uses the most advanced tools available to us. We base much of our work on the use of cutting-edge analytical tools, providing us the most up-to-date marketing information to be incorporated within our service to our clients.

Keeping Ahead in the Marketplace

All of these things separate us from other online marketing companies and help us maintain our position at the top of the digital marketing industry.

Call us today, so we can begin catapulting your brand to greater heights.

Marketing Consultation

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