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We look to build long term partnerships with our clients as we believe that driving the success of our customers is the best way for our company to flourish.

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What We Offer

    • A Professional Consultation

      We will research and analyse your target market, your brand, your competitors and your industry. We will review your website, your rankings, and keywords.

    • A Comprehensive Marketing Proposal

      A proposal that aligns with your business goals, your target market, and your industry. Together with the services required, the timetable and an affordable marketing budget.

    If we do not meet our performance guarantee, then we will provide up to three months work FREE of charge to meet the goals of the campaign.

    Any performance guarantee is only as good as the product it stands behind. With our marketing services, we aim to increase your global presence in the major search engines. We accomplish this by focusing on three very important aspects: Your website, account setups and brand exposure through content marketing.

    We do this using very strategic planning which all begins with your website. We ensure your website is up to the task by examining all aspects to ensure we are working with a Search Engine compliant site. Secondly, if the accounts necessary do not exist, we will create them for you. Lastly, we ensure success by creating unique and entertaining content on a monthly basis that is used to expand the website' s total indexed pages as well as sharing that content via social media and blogging outlets. Sharing content this way allows more opportunities to reach out to your target audience. With these 3 strategies, we can ensure a far reach of your brand which will translate into additional traffic to your website.

    We guarantee that we will:

    NEVER Use paid or rented link schemes, link farms or links from websites that we own or control.
    NEVER Violate Google Webmaster or any other Search Engine Guidelines
    NEVER Create or submit any duplicate content to you for approval or posting to your website and/or social media outlets
    NEVER Employ black hat techniques in order to achieve results

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    Featured Services

    Whitehat quite literally have changed the way that we now do business. This is down to Clwyd and his team; they gave me an SEO campaign that fitted my brief but also my budget. They were excellent at generating new high quality enquires that actually turned into business

    James Cockle Capital Solutions

    I wanted to congratulate you and the Whitehat team for delivering great results for me. As you know I spent thousands of pounds over a long period with a very established SEO company and although I did get some results the investment didn't pay off. Having now switched to Whitehat SEO I have now saved a lot for the business and am already seeing some great results. People are travelling from far away to give me business thanks to the great work you and your team are doing. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Whitehat SEO to anyone looking for great results and great value for money. People looking to build their business would be mad not to switch to Whitehat-SEO!

    Nigel Conway The I-Site Optician

    Dental Marketing

    Dental Marketing For Dental Clinics

    Click On Image To Learn More...

    Independent dental clinics across the UK are under pressure from large corporates and Venture Capital firms trying to consolidate the dental sector.

    Learn how you can continue to grow your business in this highly competative market.

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    Legal Marketing

    Legal Marketing For Law Firms

    Click On Image To Learn More..

    In most small law firms the partners act as the main marketing team. In order for your senior people to get back to their core business, you need the help of a professional marketing agency.

    Learn how we can help to free up more of your time and drive new clients into the business.

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    Financial Services

    Building & Contractors

    Health & Beauty

    Hotels & Restaurants

    Client Reviews

    "My company's Google listings have improved substantially since the Whitehat agency have come on board. They have enabled my company to punch above its weight. We constantly list higher on Google than the other, more established, agents and this has led to more landlord and seller enquiries."

    Donald Collins GoView London

    "Our SEO ratings (and subsequent business) has made a noticeable improvement since we started using the Whitehat team.

    With a campaign that is within our budget they have done more for us than another very large social media agency which we were previously using for SEO. I also like the monthly and quarterly updates."

    Bryan Kelly CK Physiotherapy

    "Whitehat quite literally have changed the way that we now do business. This is down to Clwyd and his team; they gave me an SEO campaign that fitted my brief but also my budget.

    They were excellent at generating new high quality enquires that actually turned into business.”

    James Cockle, Capital Solutions

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